Electronic Cylinders, Locks and Handles
The concept of Electronic Cylinders and battery operated fob readers within door handles has been around for many years and is now gaining more popularity due to the low cost and flexibility.
The idea of the Electronic cylinder is to provide a low cost access control system for doors. The cylinders are battery operated and replace existing standard door cylinders.
This provides all the benefits of access control without the need for expensive hard wiring, power supply units etc.

Electronic cylinders give the same benefits as hard wired access control systems
1) Option to delete lost or stolen keys without changing the lock
2) Time and day zoned for restricting users
3) Audit trail facilities
4) On Line programming.
Modern technology and research & development now allow optimum use and durability for these products. Nearly all lock manufacturers now incorporate electronic cylinders in their product range. The cylinders can operate by card, fob or a transponder key.
The application range is increasing all the time with
1) New type locking cylinders
1) Lockers locks for Health Clubs, Universities, Hospitals etc
2) Wall readers which can be incorporated for car park gates, lifts, cashless vending etc.
The advantage of the transponder key is that one key can operate an electric lock or reader on the main door etc but can then operate individual mechanical locks or padlocks on individual offices or utility doors in the building.
There are many companies (such as Simons Voss / Salto) that supply fob operated door handles and digital cylinder which operate with a card or proximity fob only. These however do not have the same capabilities as the companies that have key transponder technology as well as cards and fobs (such as Kaba / AssaAbloy / Keso)
The advantages of Electronic Cylinders / Handles over standard hard wired access control systems
The electronic cylinders replace the standard euro cylinder found in most lock cases.
There is minimum labour costs as there is no wiring back to power supply units
Many cylinders can be networked together without extensive wiring.
Keys / Fobs / Cards can be programmed individually or programme linked into a PC.
Transponder keys are more secure with combined mechanical and electronic security.
Electronic cylinders / handles can easily be transferred to new doors if required.