Master Key Systems

Expert Security Ltd fit master key systems to homes, apartment complexes, schools & universities, health authorities, council offices, retail stores & industrial units.

Master key systems offer the benefit of all your locks operated by one key. Our Master Key Systems are on a restricted security key which is registered to stop unauthorised duplication of keys.

Our Locksmiths can design master key systems to any type of lock including door locks, padlocks, cam and cabinet locks. Whether your need is a single security lock for your own front door, or a large establishment or company with multiple sites Expert Security Ltd can help.


Home and Domestic

  • Are you tired of carrying large bundles of keys? If so then using a Master Key system is for you.
  • We can fit a security lock to your own front door then register it to you.
  • Master Key systems will prevent duplicate keys being cut without your knowledge.
  • We will ensure you have complete control over who has keys and what door(s) they can open.
  • Finally and most importantly Master Key systems give you peace of mind.


  • We can design complex Master Keying solutions to suit your business needs.
  • Gain complete control of multiple access points for your business .
  • Allow varying levels of access to suit security clearance.
  • We tailor a system to suit your budget while allowing for future expansion should your business grow.

How we work

  • We provide an initial consultation / site visit to gauge your access control needs.
  • Following the initial consultation we will provide a detailed outline of the proposed system using a Master Keying matrix specification.
  • We will then take on board any client feedback, make necessary changes and represent before final implementation.