We came across this article by the Master Locksmiths Association UK, which we found to very informative. Its appears that Cylinder Snapping or Lock snapping is fast becoming one of the most common methods burglars use to gain entry to your home. The good news is that it is easily avoidable!

A simple upgrade of your locking cylinders in accordance with the latest British Standards will help future proof your home against burglars using this technique. Here is a snippet from the article:

“What is Cylinder Snapping / Lock Snapping?

You may well have heard of “cylinder snapping” or “lock snapping”. It’s a method used by burglars to break into property that is secured using a euro cylinder (e.g. almost all properties that have UPVC doors, although a significant number of composite and aluminium doors use them too, and they’re often used in commercial as well as domestic environments).”

You can view the full article here: http://www.locksmiths.co.uk/about/public/cylinder-snapping/.

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